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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I can't believe it's December already!

I recently moved into a new house, so between that, our massive snow storm that shut down roads and businesses, and our business, things have been crazy. We've posted mulitple new items on Etsy, however! They are great for Christmas gifts, winter gifts...or anything really.

The first item is a mint candy gift set. We handcraft our candy from the best ingredients. They are completely homemade and come wrapped in a cute "mini" mug, packaged, tagged, and ready for giving!

Click here to check them out!

We also developed a new bath item - and I have to say, this is my absolute favorite thing we have developed yet. I feel a little bad saying that because this item is not lavender related, but instead it is a Cinnamon Milk Bath Soak. I love baths. I am currently hoarding a large stash of it for myself. It makes your skin so smooth and milky. The cinnamon in it is very subtle smelling while in the bath. It is a very pampering, enjoyable soak... possibly my most favorite bath item yet. We package it in a cute jar, tie it with a ribbon and cinnamon sticks, package that in decorative cellophane, and top it with a ribbon and tag.

Click here for the bath soak!

The last item I want to feature today is actually kind of like 6 items in one. I found the best fabric at a craft store, and we've made some heat wraps out of it, stuffed with lavender and flax seed. You can choose 6 different fabrics! The wrap is so great when warmed in the microwave. It has a very strong lavender scent for relaxing, the flax seed provides a moist heat, and it's very soothing.

Click here to check out the 6 different fabrics!

We are also getting ready to post our homemade hot chocolate... we have plain hot chocolate in a mug as a gift set and peppermint hot chocolate layered in a jar for a pretty visual. We also have Barvarian Mint Instant Coffee. I have to say, I'm not one for instant coffee, but I actually enjoy this stuff!

Stay tuned!

Friday, November 5, 2010

$5 Dollar Fridays & an update

So I have been slacking.. it's true. Next week we are releasing new wreath sizes (right now we just have a small on our site), some holiday related items, and some heat wraps... so this is why I've been M.I.A. once again (I think I used this excuse last time...). For Friday this week, we are offering our lavender dog treats for only $5.00.

Not only do our dogs love them, but we have gotten a ton of positive feedback, from dogs begging for the treats to the fact that they also help bad breath.

Click here for the treats!

Along with some new lavender products (we are also working on candles which actually SMELL like lavender, unlike a lot of what you get in the store), we have non-lavender holiday gifts coming including:
Cinnamon bath soaks
Cinnamon vanilla sugar scrub
Bavarian mint coffee
Hot cocoa mixes (with real chocolate)
Other coffee flavors
Holiday candies
Holiday-themed heat wraps (okay, these are lavender scented)
Gift packages/baskets/sets

All packaged and ready for gifting (or keeping for yourself).
I promise to post next week when we have them up and running!
Enjoy your weekend.

Simply Lavender

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday again.. which means another $5 deal!

We've been a little MIA lately. We got a huge order for some lavender bouquets and baked goods and have been working around the clock both with those (we hand-arrange every bouquet upon order), and with dealing with the fall lavender harvest. We have also been canning like crazy - apples and tomatoes, mostly. Which means plenty of applesauce, apple rings, tomato sauces, and salsa. We have also been baking and freezing our pumpking crop. It has been a lot of fun :)

Today, though, is $5 Fridays, and we decided to offer one of our most popular products for $5 - our sweet lavender syrup.

This syrup is perfect for:

-Using in your tea instead of sweetener
-Ice cream topping
-Pouring over fruit tarts
-Mixing into chilled teas
-Stirring into lemonade
-Spicing (or sweetening) up your favorite recipes
-Adding to a cocktail or sparkling wine!
Our syrup normally runs for $7.50, so this is a great deal! Check it out :) Offer runs all day.

Also, by next week we hope to have our line of organic dryer sheets, heat wraps, and eye pillows up - I say this publicly mostly to hold us to the obligation of finishing the line. We had a few things up (such as dryer sheets), but they have already sold out. More to come - soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

$5 Fridays!

In keeping with our lavender sugar theme, this week we are offering our 8oz jar of lavender sugar for only $5!

Check it out here!

That is only one dollar more than our 4oz jar, which is half the size, so this is a great deal :)

Try it when you bake, in tea or in coffee, or by itself!

The $5 deals runs through midnight!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lavender Sugar Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered our lavender sugar giveaway! We are having another giveaway next week, so keep your eyes open :)

For now, our winner is Sheri! Congratulations, Sheri :) Please email us your address at simplylavender@live.com so we can get your prize in the mail!

Also, we will be having another $5 Friday this coming Friday... details will be announced.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We are offering a 4 ounce jar of our organic lavender sugar for FREE!!
Our organic sugar is ground to a fine powder, and then dried culinary lavender buds are infused and ground in for a beautiful, delicate taste.

Free means we pay EVERYTHING - shipping included! So if you ever wanted to try lavender sugar, now is your chance!

One of our favorite things to use this sugar for right now is to sprinkle fruits with it... mmm. It's also great in green tea or coffee... or anything, really!


(1 entry) - Follow our blog and comment to let us know you are
(1 entry) - In your comment, include what you would use the sugar for (eating by dipping your finger in the jar definitely counts)
(2 entries) - Follow us on Twitter here and comment here and tell us you are following us!

Contest ends September 15th, when the winner will be announced (winner has 2 days to respond with address, or alternative winner will be chosen).

Good luck!

Friday, September 3, 2010

$5 Fridays!

Introducing $5.00 Fridays!

Every Friday, we will pick a popular product to sell for only five dollars*.

As of right now, there is NO LIMIT on the amount of people who can buy these products for 5 dollars. The promotions runs until midnight Pacific Coast time!

This Friday we are offering our Mini Lavender Cake for only $5.00. Check it out in our shop!

*Plus shipping

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twitter Account

We recently acquired a Twitter account to update followers on what's going on with our business.


In other news, we have gotten very positive feedback on our organic lavender dog treats. With a 70lb puppy and a hyper Jack Russel, we developed the treats to help calm and relax them. Our dogs not only love the treats, but they actually are calmer! Those who have purchased the treats have had the same results. We are happy to offer the treats at only $6.00 a bag - that's 20 good-sized treats cut in fun bone and cat shapes (over 1lb of treats!). We wanted to make something affordable and healthy for those who love their animals as much as we love ours.

View our doggie treats here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Steps

This is our first year open as a business. In fact, we have only been officially up and running since June! As a new business, we have been learning the ins and outs of running our lavender farm and creating desirable products. We are pretty proud of the products we have developed; it has been a long process of perfecting and tweaking each individual product, and we are very happy with the results!

Here are a few pictures of our farm, so that you can see where we grow and develop our lavender. We have 600 plants right now, but in the fall we are beginning an expansion program to increase that number (and possibly offer baby lavender cuttings for others to buy as well!).

Some of our Hidcote variety, in bloom in eary summer

These are some of our Provence plants (aka culinary lavender) in early spring... the plants are just beginning to show a bit of green. If you look carefully, you can see one of our dogs' tail in the rows of lavender :)

Some of our early bloomers hang in our drying shed.

The finished product! After drying, we undo the lavender bundles and put them into bouquets by hand - we pick only the best-looking lavender stems to create our bouquets. This picture shows a finished Alba bouquet, roughly 115 stems. Currently on sale for $7.50!

Harvesting at sunset

This isn't exactly a picture from our farm, but it's one of our most popular products: mini lavender cupcakes with a lemon glaze. Visit our shop link on the upper right of this page to view them!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Welcome to Simply Lavender's blog!

We are a lavender farm, family owned and operated, in North Pasco, Washington. All of our lavender is organic (as well as our goods!).

On our blog, we will include pictures, stories, product updates, sales, giveaways, and other lavender goods, so check back often!